MANAKH General Contracting Company (MGCC) established its business nearly 10 years ago in the sector of construction, within the span of years of existence, oil and gas were incorporated in the field of onshore drilling, rig move, and oilfield services.

MGCC, relentlessly capitalized business strategies to diversify in various fields; business consulting for commercial and industrial manufacturing, recycling of used tires & electronics products, technical manpower, and supply of oilfield products and equipment. This expansion transpired by the corporate management team, which carries more than 25 years of experience in their respective professional career and to date, MGCC rebranded its trade name the so-called “MANAKH Group & Associates” to effectively serve its purpose.

As a service-oriented company, for profit management consulting business and partnership, our history of business successes is built with a strong partnership with foreign consortium groups aligned with new technology and technical expertise. This team-building process guarantees result-oriented business solutions while we continually strive to be a responsible company and a partner.  Thereby enriching ourselves as a WORLD-CLASS COMPANY. 

Our Mission Our Vision Our Core Values
Our MISSION is to formulate business strategies and to facilitate support to enhance client objectives and goals. We provide a comprehensive short term and long term business outlooks based on integrity, analysis and evaluation of the market trend. Our VISION is to provide primary service in the various business industries we serve coupled with our strategic alliances. We will continue to be a management consulting service in the industrial, commercial, trade and professional ventures. Our CORE VALUES - integrity, honesty and excellence; are the hallmarks of our client-contractor relationship in all facets of our business operations with our valuable clients, contractors, associates and affiliates worldwide.