ONSHORE RIG MOVE SERVICES, specialized hauling and onshore rig move operations services with over 20 years extensive experience in light/heavy lifting and transportations of drilling and workover rigs.

Our workforce and personnel are well-verse in all types of onshore rig move standard operating procedures and safety guidelines, and are certified rig movers as per Saudi Aramco and at par with international standard. Having direct involvement with various local drilling contractor rig move activities, this includes familiarity with all the onshore drilling sites all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our workforce previous experience has performed the most complicated and biggest rig move in the history in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our full sets of trucks and equipment; Kenworth 963, Trailer lowbed/flatbed, Rough Terrain (cranes), Wheel-loaders (forklift) including drivers and operators are fully certified by a 3rd party inspection company approved by Saudi Aramco. Our logistics are fully equipped related to camp, yard, maintenance, medical clinic and recreation facilities support based operations.