Health, Safety and Environment are an important part of our entire operations, but particularly so in the oil/gas sector, which is classed as a major hazards industry.

Reducing the number of dangerous occurrences, injuries and hydrocarbon releases remains a top priority and is a key focus of the company’s absolute commitment to continually improving process safety standards. And with emphasis to puts more effort into improving its safety performance through leadership, communication, co-operation and team-work.

Transparent reporting of safety performance and learning from accidents and incidents is achieved through information sharing at many safety forums. The company recognizes the importance of working and engages the workforce through onshore and offshore safety committees and networks.

In our company’s infrastructure, asset integrity becomes ever more important to maintain fiscal stability and ensure strong investment as well as a well-resourced and competent health, safety and environment regulatory policies are in place a paramount above all.

MANAKH Group & Associates operates within a goal setting regulatory framework and through publications, workshops and seminars, is an exemplar of good safety practice where our very own foundation emulates to its success in every step to its business endeavors.