Our company is not solely focused in developing and exploring various businesses strategically but also we invest in human capital because it spurs great value in promoting economic activity by improving the capacity of people to govern, educate others for them to learn, and produce for themselves.

This is exactly the kind of vital works that MANAKH Group & Associates do in every aspect of its business; investing in people—at the local level, in partnership with government, civil society, and the private sector—to help bring about prosperity, stability and peace.

This work is economic in nature. We stir business growth and create new opportunities by boosting the local industry and be on the frontline so it can begin to serve the larger business sector. Our focus is on capacity building within the business sector in cooperation with the government’s economic development plans to effect the changes and the developments for the benefit of all.

Our business endeavors and participations are the core of what we do and these are essential for achieving long-term and sustainable transformations in business with our local and international partners and associates.

Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,