Our extensive knowledge and exposure within the oil and gas industry and services provide high value-added strength and with a unique approach in our business infrastructure global and regional development strategic alliances and associations provide a structured mediation process thereby establishing a strong partnership.

This partnership has created significant contribution through the exchange of technical expertise which strengthens our foundation a well-diversified portfolio of services both upstream and downstream, a key important aspect to ensure the success of our business objective in-line with different entities from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Europe, Australia, South Korea, China, Singapore, India, and the Philippines.

In addition, our strategic alliances within the Gulf Coordinating Council (GCC); Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, and the African Union (AU), Algeria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya has further contributed in our market strength and capabilities.

The combination of technical expertise and the team-building process has achieved our main goal of community development within the industry and sharing the potential success of the business among our Associates, Partners, Alliances, and our VALUE CLIENTS. And we at MANAKH Drilling & Associates along with our consortium group remain steadfast and duly manifest our professional commitment in the fulfillment of our obligation and support at all times.