Our services have a comprehensive workflow in place and it is flexible, scalable and fully adaptable to meet customer needs and wellbore challenges. The workflow improves geological, geochemical and geomechanical understanding of the drilled zone before, during, and after, drilling operations.

Our interpretation workflow is organized along three successive layers which are:
•the initial layer of surface data acquisition, sampling, and raw data aggregation
•the subsequent layer of data interpretation through additional aggregation and integration. This may include other data sources (both internal and 3rd party) such as laboratory measurements, open hole logs, and seismic attributes
•the final layer of data integration, interpretation and well-to-well correlation

Wellhead Intervention

All oil and gas wells require intervention of some type for wellbore maintenance, lift system adjustment, equipment changes, zone changes, or data gathering among others. Light interventions, are regularly performed with Slickline, Electric Line, or Coiled Tubing as the conveyance method. These types of conveyance allow operations to be performed through the wellhead and with active ongoing flow in some cases. Typical work includes clearing the wellbore of obstructions caused by paraffin or scale buildup, removing and replacing gas lift valves for adjustment, setting or removing plugs, shifting sleeves to open/close producing zones and monitoring of reservoir pressure and temperature. types of logging to record flow, tubing, casing and cement condition, plugging and cementing non-productive zones, perforating, acidizing, milling and flushing out debris.

Data Consultancy

From pre-drill studies to post-well geopressure and geomechanics evaluations, the Data & Consultancy Services team provides personnel and analysis technology to address your most pressing knowledge-based challenges. Our Data & Consultancy Services are grouped into three divisions: GeoPressure-GeoMechanics, GeoSteering, and WellSite Geology.

“Our affiliation and association both local and international have formed the Joint Venture in the establishment of mud logging services".